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patterned furniture…


I spotted this fun collection of vintage patterned fabric-covered furniture recently over at Free People. Known for their bohemian mix-and-match style, it’s no surprise the furniture would have a similar feel. The pieces have a hefty price tag because they really are one-of-a kind with chairs carved in the 1890’s and trunks from the 1920’s.


{all images & patterned backgrounds are from Free People’s website.}


  1. Anthropologie has some items with a similar patchy asthetic, but the Free People furniture seems to make much more sense. I know their owned by the same corp. with a different target audience, but these pieces seem more authentic or something. . . less clumsy, I guess.

  2. I like the mismatched quality to it, they kind of remind me of pieces Liberty made a while back, I have a feeling you wrote a post on them. Either way, they’re both lovely (despite the hefty prices)


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