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the egg press shop!


It really makes me jump for joy {no pun intended} when designers open shop on their own websites! It makes looking, buying, and being inspired that much better. Egg Press was one of the first letterpress companies I became familiar with when the huge rejuvenation of letterpress started years ago. And, they continue to expand upon their amazingly colorful and whimsical line. In the Egg Press Shop, there are limited edition pieces that you can’t find anywhere else including tees, pouches, and special card sets…



  1. we love egg press too! they are wonderful to do business with and each and every card is so perfectly made with such whimsical touches!
    i agree!

  2. this stuff is all so great! I especially love the animal party pack (how cute is the bear?!) and those hilarous paper doll prints! A row of those on the wall would definitely be a good conversation piece when company is over 🙂


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