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Cool Artist: Tamar Mogendorff


I saw a gorgeous window display today at Petulia’s Folly {a clothing boutique} in Philly with lovely little birds, owls, as well as large sheep and moose heads all stitched and made by hand. Thanks to reader Melissa, I now know the name of the artist, Tamar Mogendorff, and can share her lovely work with you!

The dolls/objects are made from linens, wool, Mohair wool, cotton, vintage fabrics, tweed, antique embroidery, pashmina and other fabrics….


{UPDATE: I totally missed this! See Lena’s post about Tamar in October}


  1. I would love to buy one of her pieces. Does anyone know any retail outlets or galleries that are selling her stuff? I can’t seem to see anything on her site about it.

  2. I ordered two swans from Tamar by contacting her directly. She was wonderful and the swans are so beautiful…love it too!


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