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{update} business lady nights: philly!



We’ve got a great group forming for the Philly business lady nights! I’ll be touching base with everyone who responded soon. If there are any other Philly girls who have small creative-based businesses and are interested in meeting with and learning from others in the same boat, email me and I’ll add you to the list!

Please respond only if you currently have a small creative-based business. It doesn’t matter if your business is a full-time thing or if it’s in addition to your full-time job. You can even be a newer business or have had a business in the past. It is most fair and helpful to the others involved if your product or service is currently available or in the process of being available soon! Thanks!

For those in other areas, check out the open discussion at Design*Sponge to find others in your city. Also, for Philly business owners that are not in a creative field, check out this link to an existing Philadelphia Women’s Small Business Meetup group.


  1. I’m not even on the East Coast but hats off to you ladies. Also I am LOVING those crazy lamps in this post. Lamps just seem to get better and better! (although bulb in the eye might not be as cool as it looks.) But sure is cute.


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