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holiday card preview…


With the arrival of November and the holidays being not as far away, some readers have been asking about new, fun, and well-designed holiday cards. So, I’ve compiled a few that I like and are multi-purpose for whatever holiday you celebrate! I’ll compile more as the holidays get closer, but for you early’s something to start thinking about…

{UPDATE: check out Poppy’s Holiday Card Showcase for even more…}

For the lover of all things modern, the Moma store always has a great collection of clean and colorful pop-up and die-cut cards…


For those that like to add a bit of humor to their holiday giving, check out cards from Sidepony


For a pretty & vintage-inspired greetings, check out Paper+Cup’s holiday selection


And, if whimsy & color are your thing, check out fun cards fromEgg Press



  1. as a fellow joy, i was wondering if you had seen some good “joy” themed holiday cards. i’ve decided to go all out and send 50-60 cards out to family and friends, so i’m trying to find something pretty and modern, while still reasonably priced (~1.50/card or less).
    any suggestions?


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