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doe sf – the kim family

I was so very sad to hear the news that James Kim has been found, but unfortunately has passed away. If you’d like to send your condolences, prayers, or wishes to his family, please visit the site that friends and family established during the rescue efforts. There is a really great article and video on Cnet in memorial of James who was a true hero, amazing father & husband, and truly loved within the tech and arts community.


  1. Joy,
    You might have seen, but they found the mother and two daughters in Oregon. They are still looking for the father, who went to get help.

  2. I’m glad they found the mom and kids 🙂
    I hope they find the father soon. I was so happy when I saw on the news that the three had been found.
    I wish all the best for them.

  3. I didn’t know about the Kim family until recently either, but this story has really touched me. It was so amazing that the mom and the two little girls survived, that it was so heartbreaking that James did not.
    My heart is with the family and their friends.

  4. I am speechless. I first read about this story on this site and had no idea who the family was or their store. Since then, I have been avidly following it and waiting for good news…and was floored at the conclusion. I don’t know why but I cannot pull myself away from this tragedy and it brings me to tears at the thought. Maybe it is because I am a father of two myself and I can’t imagine this happening to me but I cannot help but feel the sorrow for this family.
    I believe everything in life happens for a reason and if I can take away the spirit he lived during his days and apply that to my life, then this man touched me and I never even knew the man.
    All I can do moving forward is look at what he did for himself and his family and try to emulate that in my life and be a better person and father.

  5. I think thousands have been totaly devastated by the sad news of James Kim not making it – I too had never heard of the Kim’s although I remember seeing Doe featured online but I was on the edge of my seat for days hoping & wishing for a happy ending…what a brave brave man! rest in peace James.


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