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  1. Anthropologie always comes up with the cutest ideas for displays and packaging — if I did this on my own, it wouldn’t look near as hip.

  2. These were popped into my shopping bag last week when I picked up a few gifties at Anthropologie. It was such a pleasant surprise! It felt like a free bonus gift :o)

  3. Darn! I bought something there the other day and declined the gift box because I didn’t need it. I wish I would have known I could get a nifty little snowflake though. How cute!

  4. aw, i’m bummed, i bought a gift there friday, and not only did i not get one of these, i got two different sized box pieces, so i ended up boxless!!!

  5. this look like the ribbon yarn that was like twisted we worn in my hair i ve been lookin for it do u still have this omg i need it 🙂 please let me no thanks


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