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Mari’s New York


My good friend Mari just launched her new company, Mari’s New York. Mari makes the most delicious, decadent, and unique brownies with swoon-worthy flavors like Caramel Sea Salt, Thai Coffee, and Coconut. They really are as good as they look. And, I don’t lie when it comes to baked goods.

These 2-bite treats are great gifts for the chocolate lover in your life. {Extra fun fact: the Thai Coffee flavor was originally made for my wedding a few months ago…and, they were such a hit that Mari added them to her collection!} Mari’s New York also donates a portion of all seasonal flavors to charity. I love a brownie that gives back…



  1. The caramel with sea salt brownies are delicious. I snagged a bite at the dwr event and have been dying to get a box ever since- thanks for the reminder!
    Grace 🙂

  2. hello, it is july 25th, 2010 @ 8.06 pm and i just had the misfortune of biting into a bacon brownie from mari’s. this “brownie” tasted like a little debbie 25 treat that was completely soaked in day old bacon grease. sorry to bomb your blog but this was the first website that had a msg board when i typed in mari’s new york.


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