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my favorite snippets…


…from this month’s magazines…


{LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP TO BOTTOM: Burberry Prorsum dress from pg. 155 of Dec/Jan 07 Domino, dark plums, blues & orange ornament cluster from pg. 54 of Dec. 06 Living Etc., story on short blooms from Dec/Jan 07 Domino, and photo/story about Lela Rose’s bridal collection from pg. 62 of Jan 07 W magazine.}


  1. LivingEtc. is amazing .its one of the best magazines in the whole wide world ..
    Dominos seems to be good but I cant get it here in Kuwait.
    Cool stuff joy

  2. I have been putting off getting the new Domino, but from looking at these photos i might just have to run out and get it today. I just find that it can be extremely disappointing, the new Lucky however I get on the same day it comes out.. Fresh off the press!


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