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  1. WOW. Stunning pink photo. I might have to go buy that Martha. I get sucked into the bridal mags all the time-even though I’m already married. They are FULL of eye candy, aren’t they?

  2. Ever since that issue of Martha Stewart Weddings came out, I have been trying to figure out who made those teacups and bowls. Does anyone have any ideas?

  3. Hey Abby,
    I think they are a collection of vintage cups….not a current brand. I know for sure that the small bowl (with the white base) is from Anthropologie from early 2005 because I have a bunch of them. But unfortunately, I don’t think you could find any of those exact pieces anymore..I’ve seen similar pink & gold teacups on ebay…
    There are lots of great ones…some get pricey, but you can usually find a lot under $25!


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