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  1. This is gorgeous. I agree with risa, I don’t know if I could give this one away. I’d love to line a wall with these, the pattern and the bright red color are so beautiful.
    Grace 🙂

  2. Gasp! I have to get these. My family will love them! So much more beautiful than the ones we get by the pack!

  3. I saw this envelope a while back and fell in love with it. i don’t know where I came across it, but just knew it was something special.
    I don’t think I could use this or send it to someone if I bought it. it would be too hard!

  4. Ooh that is a rather interesting take of East-meets-West. But sending it through the mail might damage the delicate details of the papercut. Anyway, it looks gorgeous, nice to see something familiar, heheee…


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