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twinkle’s big city knits


Since knitted items seem to be my theme for today, here’s a sneak peek of Twinkle’s Big City Knits by one of my favorite fashion designers, Wenlan Chia of Twinkle. Her book is full of chic & whimsical knitted clothing patterns. This book really inspires me to go beyond the one knitted scarf and handbag I made years ago. The book goes on sale February 13th, but you can pre-order now…



  1. I’ve been looking for a more updated knitting pattern to motivate me to knit. Will have to take a look at this book when it comes out. Thanks for the tip.

  2. thanks for posting this! i was just looking yesterday at sweaters in anthropologie, wishing i could find patterns for something similarly cute and interesting, and it looks like this may be it.

  3. it’s a wonderful book…and i’m anxiously waiting for my LYS to get in their first shipment of twinkle yarn so i can start making the groovy dress. in the meantime, i started a twinkle big city knits group on flickr for peeps who are chomping at the bit to get started!

  4. You had a pattern in the LA Times newspaper for the Tuexedo Jacket and I can’t retreive it now. It was a free pattern. Could you if possible email it to me so I can try your pattern. Thanking you in advance. Esther


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