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  1. beautiful images- thanks Joy!
    on a side note, do you know if it is possible to get a digital subscription to Elle UK like you can for ELLE US?

  2. hi julia,
    unfortunately, i have no idea about the electronic subscriptions..i always buy them at the store…but i’m sure you can find out pretty easily with a search

  3. These rooms looked amazing. I might be going to Thailand later this year but will be staying with family. But will definitely try to stop by this hotel to take a peek for some inspiration. Oh, here’s another Thai design for you, I reallly enjoy their clean lines and quirkiness.

  4. What a treat! I just returned from staying at this hotel and you’ve captured it perfectly. It was almost too kitsch, if that’s possible. It definitely didn’t induce sleep, but did inspire lots of creative thought during my time in BKK.

  5. I want to stay there! The bottom right room reminds me of one of my favorite stores in Siam Square, the shopping area in Bangkok. The store is called It Happened To Be a Closet, and it has all these kitschy things just mismatched – it just looks fun. There is a small bakery on the bottom floor and a tiny Italian restaurant on the top floor, not to mention a small salon. Their designs are original, with fun, vibrant colors and patterns for simple t-shirts, blouses, dresses, and skirts. 🙂


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