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  1. beautiful colors!!! i’m really into yellow nowadays 😀 it’s such a happy color =) i was looking for pointed yellow flats on the internet but i just couldn’t find any! do you know by chance where can i find a pair? thx joy ;D have a nice day

  2. What a gorgeous rug with the perfect shade of yellow, so crisp with the ivory – if I had this in my home I would have to put a velvet rope around it!

  3. I just spent a week browsing through your entire archives – this is truly the most amazing blog I’ve ever seen! I acquired tons of inspirational links and pictures for my personal design scrapbook and I love your warm, witty personality & style. Keep blogging!

  4. I like it! The yellow has just enough gold in it that it’s not too pastel-y, but not so much gold that those of us who were kids in the 1970’s start having Harvest Gold flashbacks.


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