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  1. I just purchased a dutch bike and now am planning on putting this beautiful bike basket on…they can be purchased at Curbside bike shop on Bloor St. Toronto

  2. just a quick note. i bought this…loved it…until a gust of wind knocked my bike over and the basket shattered! into a thousand pieces. 🙁

  3. This pretty baskets would look amazing with a Couture Cruiser bike basket liner tote bag inside. Couture Cruiser’s stylish bike basket liners cinches into a casual tote bag, perfect way to carry your belongings off in style or keep them securely contained in the basket! Shop the collection of 16 stylish bike basket liners at
    Check out the fun fashion lounge too!

  4. It’s so nice to see all of these great cruiser bike accessories that are stylish and functional. More and more people are leaving their car keys at home and hopping on a bike! I found a great cruiser bike basket liner on the web called Betty Basket Liners. Super cute,very durable with carrying straps; I actually use it as a purse quite often. I think the site is

  5. HELP!!! Got the basket w/strap at the Container store. NOW-does anyone know where I can get the hardware for the bike to attatch the basket to the bike???

  6. Thank Joy! I pd $19.99 for the basket and if I return it and buy the whole thing for $75.00, I am basically paying $55.00 for the “parts”! Thats crazy!!(lol)
    I will check around and let you know if I find a solution. You may be right in the end!
    Thanks again! Kathy


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