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work table problem solved!


Thanks to all of you who gave such great suggestions in my search for a work table for my studio! After reading so many great ideas, I realized a kitchen countertop type table was perfect for my needs. Something that worked well at standing height and had a wooden counter top. I ended up getting this one from Ikea…and while it cost more than I had planned to spend, the tons of storage space made it well worth it…



  1. hi hanna~
    i don’t plan to sit too much in that area. most of the work i do there is when i need to get away from my desk. but i could definitely get a higher stool if i really wanted to sit in that area.

  2. congrats joy, this looks great! i’m glad you found something you like. it looks like a magazine ad…you should send this pic to ikea, ha ha!

  3. and of course now i want one too!
    it’s a great solution for your needs. i just want one cos it looks so cool. (won’t suit me though, but absolutely coolll)
    congrats on your great find! (and end of search)

  4. That really is the perfect solution! i believe furniture only look good if people use them to the fullest, and this looks really good! Nice colour coded labels, very neat. You must be so relieved.

  5. I’m going to join the chorus of this amazing and looks great. I’ve been looking for something to put on one end of my dining room (currently the table is my workspace) and I feel like this may work. Gonna have to do an IKEA run and check it out. Congratulations on finding something!

  6. sarah~
    i just drew the labels on my computer in illustrator, printed them on a hi-quality heavy stock, and attached each with double sided tape.

  7. Are you able to sit at it comfortably? I really love it, especially with the storage but I’m trying to figure out if not being able to put my legs underneath as I sit would be a problem.

  8. Joy, may I ask where you got your idea board? I really want to get one but I don’t want the plain cork boards! 🙂

  9. I’ve seen Värde in use as a “closet” in a bedroom in one of the IKEA magazines and it looked great – but your setup is adorable! I’ve been looking at this at my local IKEA store over and over again, but it sure is no bargain … love it!


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