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Adorn Magazine


Thanks to Brittney for telling me about the new crafty magazine Adorn. I haven’t seen an actual issue yet, but the site has some fun features and photos. It looks like it’s on the younger, slightly kitschy side…but seems to have some fun projects even those of us who may not be as into the cutesy stuff.



  1. Oh I just subscribed to this magazine! I can’t wait to get it, that apron was made with fabric from Reprodepot and that is how I found out about it! I am soo excited! Oh and that desk makes me happy too, I just pretend that I own it, and it is in the other room!

  2. This looks great! Lots of great colour without being too cutesy, and not boring/unimaginative… (nor the same things you see everywhere else!) Be great to hear what you think after you’ve had a look at an actually issue! Props to Kayte for the styling!

  3. i picked up their current issue at the craft store, and i like it so far. i might subscribe to it. hope you are well Joy. take care!


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