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  1. Her work is wonderful! I was just thinking of how there’s a lack of jewelry out there with elements of architecture and structure (you can always look to architects for beautiful lines). Too many uninteresting chandeliers and ubiquitous charms and layers.
    Her pieces successfully translate images of the heavy, wrought iron ornaments found on old buildings into surprisingly light and delicate jewelry. While none of the pieces are overwhelmingly sparkly, the uniqueness and simplicity of the design will draw comments. And what I love most, I think, is that the pieces are both dark and brooding (for the punk in me) AND graceful and feminine (for the A. Hepburn in me). It’s hard to find jewelry that is both!
    I am actually debuting a collection of my own jewelry featuring wire and chain work that combines bold, but delicate structures with the beauty of stone. I am not a “metalsmith” (yet), but after seeing these designs, I’ll need to step up my learning curve! They’re amazing.

  2. I adore Marianne’s work. She makes beautiful things that push the edge in such a classy way. Taking a precious metal that we usually see bright and shiny and making it black -brilliant! Her work is the perfect balance, with a nod to both traditional and modern in jewelry. Thanks for featuring her. I love your blog! You are on my daily blog list.


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