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{Philly} Ladies Biz Meetings


For those of you in Philly, our Ladies Biz Meetings are now open again to anyone who would like to network with other girls in the area who currently own creative-based businesses or are looking to start a small business in the near future. The group is made up mostly of designers, crafters, and artists…but there are also writers, shop owners, and more. The meet-ups occur once a month at Art Star.

At each meeting, we have a speaker from the Philadelphia area who talks about experiences with their particular business, shares tips & advice, and answers any questions we may have for them. It’s a great way to learn from those who have more experience and also meet other women who are currently going through the same steps in starting a small creative-based business. If you’re in the area and are interested in coming to the next meeting, please email me at: info{at}ohjoystudio{dot}com and you’ll be added to the group list! Poster artist Eleanor Grosch, whose work can be seen at Urban Outfitters and on Keds shoes, will be speaking at April’s meeting.


{image above from our March meeting – with the ladies who own the Lost & Found clothing boutique in Olde City. The background wall features the current installation at Art Star by My Paper Crane. Please excuse the fuzzy camera phone picture!}


  1. Ann, the philly next meeting is April 11th…but anyone interested should email me so we can give everyone an update on location and time when it gets closer.
    J. Chong, Grace at Design*Sponge started these biz meet-up in Brooklyn, so if you check her archives at, there is a post where ladies from other cities initiated meet-ups and you might find some others from Atlanta.

  2. Hi, wished I was living in Philly to be able to catch this meeting…sounds fun and inspiring! Unfortunately I’m at the other side of the earth (Singapore). And wow, Eleanor Grosch…I’m sure its going to be really interesting. Do take lots of snapshots for the benefit of those who cannot attend!

  3. Can’t wait for the meeting! Does anyone have any recommendations for a resonable and sassy philly based web designer?


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