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a treasure trove…


Decor8 had a link to Sarah Kaye Reps last week…and wow, what a treasure trove of imagery. Sarah Kaye reps photographers and stylists in the UK for both fashion and interiors work and their portfolio of work is simply amazing…


{left to right, top to bottom: outdoor garden party by Sandra Lane, chair again dark wall by Adrian Briscoe, girl by Craig Fordham, peony by Sandra Lane, and bottom two images styled by Portland Mitchell.}


  1. Joy – do you who designed the lace pink tablecloth in the first photo? I’ve seen these designs blogged before on Apartment Therapy (I think?) but the designer’s name has escaped me. Thanks!

  2. Hi Joy,
    I am happy you discovered Sarah Kaye, she is my agent and all these photographers are not only talented but very nice people to work with, have a look at Polly Wrefford, she has done the picture for The relaxed home book from Ryland Peter and Small…

  3. Firstly,I should say that I don’t konw the website is about what…Because my English is not so well~
    But,it was such a surprising moment when I saw these images!!!
    Oh, I really really love them!!!
    Thanks oh joy~!


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