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  1. oh I just adore that giraffe! I wish they sold them online as I am in Canada… :\ Thanks for the great finds!

  2. i love the camilla engman print with the bear. i’ve tried to track one down for myself but camilla doesn’t know when/if she’ll be printing more! boo!
    (love the blog!)

  3. thanks for sharing! i love seeing how people display their art. i have sooo much to frame when i move back to the states…i’ll definitely be searching out cheap framing options.

  4. what’s the paper you’ve used in the back of the camilla engman/port2port prints? it looks really beautiful, and i love the idea of a pattern in a floating frame.

  5. i love your display with the vintage fabric!! how lovely! …i have that abigail percy print…it is just gorgeous! where are your frames from dahling?


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