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spring has sprung a new chair!


While most people are shopping for new wardrobes this spring, I’ve been shopping for a new chair (okay…and maybe a little tiny bit for spring clothes, too). Here’s the 1950’s danish chair which I purchased off ebay recently…a mid-century piece that’s simple enough to go with the rest of our non mid-century furniture. Here’s a photo of it from an old furniture book, Mobilia 1955. The cushions have been re-done and I’m covering it in a new fresh fabric…can’t wait…will post pics when it’s done…



  1. LOVE the lines on this piece! What a great find – will you be covering it in one of your own prints? Can’t wait to see it!

  2. great chair – I’m eyeing something similar that I saw online. Do you know of a good person for reupholstering in the Philly area??


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