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Cheap & Chic: Delia’s


Every so often, I’ve got to get my Delia’s fix. The teen shop always has the cutest & most affordable pieces come summertime…


{left to right, top to bottom: Isabella Shoe, Wooden Heart Necklace, Emma Dress (which looks just like this top from Anthropologie), Missy Tube Dress, and Kayla Seersucker Plaid Short}


  1. okay i love delias, but i am a little ticked off about that dress, because as you mentioned it looks EXACTLY like the shirt I happened to pay $78 for. sucks to be me!

  2. How is the quality of Delia’s clothes? I remember ordering a skirt from them in high school that I wasn’t terribly impressed by…

  3. This is a terrible company. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!! They won’t do exchanges at all. Even though your receipt says store credit will be issued, you cannot use store credit to buy things online and they will not issue you a gift card at the store. They will not order items for you from the store. They are fraudulent, shady, disreputable, and nobody with any sense of decency would be associated with them


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