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my favorite snippets…


…from this month’s magazines…


{left to right, top to bottom: magenta & gold in Alayne Patrick’s brooklyn home (Domino – May 07), texture and scallops on this Blumarine dress worn by Emma Roberts (Teen Vogue – May 07), letter montage from Real Simple May 07, and Sheila Bridges kitchen in Domino May 07.}


  1. hi joy!
    do you have a hi-res scan of that domino may page? i could use it on a brand audit im working on.
    sorry i cant find that issue in the studio.

  2. I loved Sheila’s kitchen – we are in the midst of completely renovating ours and I am now so inspired to find some funky toile wallpaper for it!

  3. that Blumarine dress is amazing.. i’ve been looking all over the internet for it, do you have any idea where i could find it? thank you!


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