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  1. I actually just read an article interviewing Sarah Jessica about it in… Glamour, I think? She essentially said that it wasn’t really a reflection of herself or her personality/lifestyle so much as a desire to make affordable clothing for the average woman. She seemed pretty passionate about the aspect of being realistic and affordable, although I took it with a grain of salt – because I’m sure it was also a very savvy business move for her! Which I respect – the whole concept is admirable, but the line itself seems very unremarkable. Just more stuff you could buy at Target or Old Navy.
    and pssst: toss an n at the end instead of an r, Joy 🙂
    (as in, bitten by the acting bug, which is apparently the inspiration behind the name)
    And on a totally unrelated note, is your Nantaka Joy line going to be available online for purchasing at some point? Because I’m still smitten!

  2. two words:
    sweat shop
    that stuff’s cheap for a reason…and i’m guessing sjp isn’t doing this w/out making a pretty little profit.

  3. I was excited about these too, but have heard such negative things! Have you ever been to There was a really funny post on SJP and her line today.
    Also, your Nantaka Joy stuff is sooo cute!

  4. I’d feel guilty wearing Bitten knowing that my vanity supports poor labor practices.
    I have enough clothes already.

  5. I purchased several items from SJP line this weekend and was very impressed. She offers fun seasonal pieces at a decent price since these are not wardrobe staples. I got a pair of the bootcut jeans, the jersey dress, three t-shirts, cargo pants, and a pair of earrings for under $100. Do I expect to wear these items for years…No. But they are cute for the summer months and I can save money for future wardrobe staples later in the year.

  6. I actually got to check it out the day after it launched. There are definetly some great pieces that can stand on its or as layers. I love the tiny lil seersucker shorts that have stretch. There is also a great little cotton jersey dress that is very J Crew. Overall I think they are great disposable summer looks.


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