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laptop bag, anyone?


I just got a new MacBook Pro (hooray for speed and portability!) and am now in search for a bag for it. My top choices are one of the designer slim bags from Acme Made, but they’re definitely on the pricier side. The Angie from Abbi New York is also cute but only comes in one size. Anyone have any suggestions for a well-made laptop bag along these lines (preferably patterned)?  Before I shell out the money on my first choice bag, I want to make sure there aren’t any other more affordable ones that I like just as much. Or if you have one of these bags, what do you think of them?



  1. Hi Joy-
    I got my laptop sleeve and bag from Target. The bag was 19.99 and has a white polka dot pattern on black. I also got two neoprene sleeves since they were on sale for only $4.99. I bought those about a month ago so I’m not sure if they would still have some but they had really great patterns. I ended up with a purple paisley sleeve and a turquoise sleeve but they also had this great brown with red and orange flowers that was also very tempting. Not sure what they have at Target now but I would go check them out. Good luck in your search.

  2. Hi Joy, I got a acme made bag for my powerbook about 3+ years ago. they are pricey but well worth it. they fit perfectly and are nicely padded. my only suggestion is if you get one, get a darker color fabric. i have a light green one with embroidered green dots and it is a bit dirty on the corners. they say you can hand wash it but i haven’t had much luck. congrats on the macbook, i hope to upgrade soon myself!

  3. Hi, I use a mango tango bag for my mac book pro. I got it at Sam Flax in NY, which has a pretty good selection online, too. Mango tango doesn’t have too many patterned bags, but they have a few with stripes in cute colors, and they are $40. Mine is really durable, and a great-looking bag!

  4. I love Acme bags. I don’t have one myself, but they are very cute! I’ve used a Crumpler bag ( for years now and it’s really durable. No fun patterns though. Timbuk2 ( has some neat bags. I’ve always wanted to “build your own” because some of their options are pretty cool. On the very-pricey side, there’s Vaja Cases (, which also have a cool “build your own” option. I used that for my iPod case.

  5. I went to a vintage shop here in Boston and bought a purple suede 70’s valise…not a hard, boxy one, more like a zip case made of suede with a handle. Ebay has some decent ones, too.
    Enjoy the macbook pro. I just got my new one last week and it’s amazing.

  6. This is just lucky guessing but i’m remembering that I saw one in net a porter’s sale… some time ago though. it was white ( or creme) and had a bit of lace in it. If i remember right.

  7. Hi Joy –
    I agree with the Target fans. I got my bag about ten months ago – it’s a bright red, faux croc Mango Tango and it’s adorable! They had a huge selection and it was hard to pick but I couldn’t be happier.
    — Miss Angel

  8. I’ve been carrying an Acme bag for my MacBook for 3 years now and have been through 2 different styles – one for travel and one for pouncing around. They are WELL worth the money. Durable and fun – but also function-savvy. They did their homework. Met the guys from Acme at a trade show in Vegas and they are Mac addicts, so they are always improving their bags – based on experience. Which in my book, is the best kind of focus group.

  9. The ones you posted are super cute.
    I just got a new MacBook Pro last week [yay!] and of course was in laptop bag drama for a few days, but lucky me, a wonderful friend gave me this Timbuk2 Marina bag in bright red:
    But here’s what I found:
    The bags on this site are awesome:
    And this link takes you to a great variety of bags and reviews:
    Good luck, it’s so much harder than picking out the computer!

  10. I agree with the Target fans, my friend got ont there that was very cute. I am a fan of the neoprene sleeve, then you can toss your laptop in any cute tote you already have. I did find a nice green laptop bag a Marshalls recently for $19.99 that I use when I don’t have to carry anything more than my laptop and some files.

  11. Marka bags make great laptop cases that look like handbags. I especially love the “sinclair slouch” and they just put it on sale! $195(although looks like you have to buy the separate case for the laptop for $50) They are pricey, but they are really beautiful for laptop carriers! see them at

  12. I have an acme made bag in plaid and it was well worth its price tag. The only thing I would say is that there isn’t a lot of room in the bag for anything other than your laptop. Make sure that you get the one with the pocket in the front. Even with the pocket, you won’t be able to cram in much besides a phone and your charger.
    That said, the last bag I had was the Marina from timbuk2. It had plenty of room for stuff, but I found that the bag was always way too heavy.

  13. hi joy!
    we did a big round up with a lot of great ones recently on bussbuss:
    and an older one here:
    but i tend to agree that these days a sleeve is great, then you can toss it in a bag you already have and go. but those marka ones are gorgeous and so are the rebe ones.
    p.s. there are some on sale at

  14. I just scanned through all the comments and I don’t think I saw this link. I have an Ibook and my boyfriend has a powerbook and we both have these sleeves, that I LOVE. Sleeves are definitely the way to go and I’ve traveled all over the world with this one, also a neoprene one. (we have the poppy design!) Congrats on the new computer! It’s so fun to get a new Mac!

  15. Hi Joy! I bought my 17″ Powerbook in early 2005. At the time, there weren’t too many bags made for laptops that size or one that can carry other accessories. I agree…Acme is on the pricier side. I ended up buying a Casauri bag in green. It’s a little thick but has many pockets to carry all your wires, sketchbook, etc. I’ve traveled all over the place with it and still use it untile today…pretty durable. Check it out –

  16. I went on a massive search after I purchased my 17″ MacBook Pro. Mango Tango was my first stop. Unfortunately the bag was not even close to fitting my sleek machine (regardless of what they state on their site). The customer service, in my case, was the worst of any online retailer I’ve patronized. I’ve no gruge, mind you, but after calling a total of 10 times (seriously, no joke.) I finally got a response and was finally able to return the item. UGH! Imagine that, in this day & age you have to CALL to return an item. Ultimately I choose Built NY. Fab sleeve made of neoprene and comes in a very cool stripey pattern.

  17. A few people have suggested Etsy, and I second (or third/fourth) that recommendation. While they are not dirt cheap, there are some well made and cute sleeves and bags.
    I’ve been eying Janine King’s collection for quite some time now.
    Janine King:
    SeaBreeze Studios:

  18. Late comment, but I saw some really pretty ACME bags at a sample sale a few days ago for under $100 – just $8 for a laptop sleeve! I was very tempted, but I didn’t see the perfect one…

  19. try Gyms Pac – they have great printed sleeves and good quality compact neoprene bags. Think they are US based – I purchased online from UK.
    Great blog by the way – love it!


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