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alicia bock


I just came across these gorgeous prints by photographer Alicia Bock. The images were created through a combination of an Argus 75 camera and my digital camera to create a soft, organic, vintage style photograph.The black border will be visible on this photograph. I love how they are a bit imperfect and highlight the dust, scratches, and interesting bits. See her Etsy shop here

{will be taking off tomorrow – see you on thursday..enjoy the mid-week holiday!}



  1. wow, those photos are just amazing..they inspired me to write a new song. thankyou very much.
    and also, thankyou for your blog, it is so inspiring, I love it!

  2. Alicia is a good friend of mine, I’ve had the distinct luxury of watching her photographic artwork grow over the last handful of years. Just when I think she’s hit her peak she continues to amaze and inspire me with her work. So glad to see her featured. 🙂


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