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black feels right again…


For some reason over the past year, I’ve been anti-black clothing…no black tops or pants, only in staples like shoes or coats. All of a sudden, I’m feeling black again…and love it mixed with colors for summer. Check out these great pairings of black with various use of color from Mona & Holly



  1. Wow, they’re so cute. I tried on a few tops yesterday that were similar and fell in love. Unfortunately it’s winter here in Australia, so I have to wait until summer comes for clothes like this 🙂

  2. the middle outfit is perfection – i love the dress mixed with the cropped jacket – thanks for posting it and I hope you are doing well.

  3. Very cute, especially the white top. But has anyone else noticed that the model looks about 14-years-old???

  4. so, lemme get this straight…black is the, uh, new black? kinda sorta? in all seriousness, not a bad idea mixing it up a little with colors. can’t be “all-goth, all-the-time” like in college.


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