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  1. I love Keiko’s work. It’s simply fab that this fantastic food blogger has actually turned her hobby into a profession — she’s now shooting commercial gigs! She’s truly inspirational.

  2. oh, this must be one of the best food blogs on this earth, very lovely, i am salivating just looking at the pics 😉 thanks for bringing this to our attention

  3. Wow looking gorgeous and very much delicious, I love to buy these food products from OmahaSteaks, ALaZing, Mrs.Beasleys, stores at

  4. Some foods and herbs themselves are purported to cause sexual arousal in and of themselves. Food play overlaps with other fetishes, including wet and messy fetishism, feederism, Nyotaimori, and Wakamezake. It is differentiated from Vorarephilia, aka “Vore,” in that food play fetishizes food while vore fetishizes the act of eating.


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