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  1. I love What’s In Her Bag! And I’ve often wondered what would be in yours so this is great! That silk pouch is lovely.

  2. I agree – the contents of your purse are all just beautiful things everyone of them! How do you do it? Whither the scraps of paper, packets of gum and water bottle lids that adorn my own sorry state of affairs!?

  3. Dude. All I have in my purse are crumpled receipts, loose change, and chapstick that got too hot and melted a little. Your stuff is so aesthetically appealing, Joy.

  4. Okay I totally have to do this now. Peggy asked me to participate last summer and I never sent her a picture because I thought my bag contents were boring. But you know what, you gave me the guts to go for it now!!!
    I like your bag contents by the way, SUPER CUTE stuff. 🙂

  5. I love your new line of notebooks, especially the multicolored dots. And I love that Lotta Jansdotter bag — sad that they don’t carry it anymore!


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