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color combos + a new bathroom…


We’re repainting our bathroom due to recent water damage so I’ve been checking Domino’s photo galleries for some inspiration on the new color. While I haven’t yet found what’s right for our space, the gallery continues to have such a great selection of images…here are a couple of my favorites…as well as some great overall color combos. I especially love the patterned tile in the first image and contrast ceiling in the second!



  1. Ooooohhh…thanks for posting that pic of the blue, black and red room. I remember it from one of the old issues, and it is so lovely. Such a bold color statement without being overwhelming.

  2. that photo on the bottom right is where i got inspired to paint my kitchen!! it’s one of the best things i did for my apartment.

  3. The 2nd image keeps popping up on people’s blogs about inspiring color combinations. I’d love to see how that would look in a bathroom. However. that yellow would make a really beautiful bathroom color!

  4. Nice images, I like the fourth room picture here best, it’s colourful, vibrant and different. Good luck in getting ideas on what you want to do to your bathroom.


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