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WHO: Jenny Vorwaller, jewelry designer of Queen Things

travel momentos and memories.  this past year i’ve been traveling in south america, along the way i’ve been collecting artisan made items, photographing and journaling my experiences.


{pony hair tote handmade in uruguay, jane iredale moonglow which is multipurpose & so perfect for travel, designing (and wearing) delicate gold jewelry inspired by nature, taking polaroids with 779 film binoculars for the view out my apartment here in buenos aires, filling up my take me too book by lovely design, two wooden hands from an antique shop in rio de janeiro, brasil.}


  1. So you are in Rio right now? Nice! I’m from São Paulo, and I always check at your blog (soooo beatyfull by the way). If you came to SP, let me know! I’ll be happy to give you some tips about the town! 😀


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