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  1. The upper-left hand corner photo of this little spread features the “Sticky Chewy Messy Gooey” goodness in Nigella Lawson’s measuring cups! They have been available for quite some time, but are none the less adorable; I am so in love with mine that I’d recognize them anywhere, even filled to the brim with dessert! (I got mine from a site called for a good price.)
    What a delicious post!

  2. When I saw a link to “Nest Magazine,” I got excited. Could the famed Holtzman quarterly have returned after its sad demise several years ago? Alas, it was not to be. The magazine you cited is called “the nest” (all lowercase, it looks like), and it is not Nest Magazine, which was brilliant, literary, fabulous, took great risks with its stories and never took itself too seriously. I saved all the issues I could, including the one with a flip-book by Matt Groening in the upper right corner. Anyway, I’m sorry to quibble, but I hope there are still those who remember Nest and lament its loss.

  3. Thanks for the edit! Incidentally, when Nest was in its (brief) heyday, I was living in Philadelphia, Fitler Sq. area. I wish I had known about your blog back then!


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