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bodega shoppe


There are so many great little shops with gorgeous interiors out there that I don’t get to see in person. The newly opened {in July} Bodega Shoppe in Red Bank, New Jersey is just stunning. Owner, Mike Buess, created a modern twist on the "general store" with a mix of beautiful things from home accessories, personal accessories, stationery, and gifts. It’s just stunning…and looks so romantic and welcoming. And, Bodega Shoppe’s online store is in the works and coming soon! Thanks Mike for sharing these wonderful images…



  1. Hi there! i just came across your blog (love it! i survived two bored afternoons at work b/c of this!)
    anyways, i used to live in the Red Bank area, and its nice to know your items are there!! i will be heading there in a week or two to visit with friends, so i will def check it out!

  2. was just there two weeks ago and it was great. Then owner is so passionate about what he does and he comes thru in his offerings. loved it-adorable gifts at reasonable prices

  3. MIKEY!!! Congrats!!! I just heard from Kaari and had to take a look at the byline–your shop looks beautiful. Good for you! Best in the coming years!


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