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This is kind of random, but…the new survey by Travel & Leisure called "America’s Favorite Cities" was recently released and is pretty interesting. The top US cities are ranked in various categories including culture, weather, food & fining, and people {yes, even ranks how attractive they are}. It’s fun {but sometimes sad} to see how your city stacks up!



  1. Joy,
    Thanks for posting. Everyone’s harping about Philly being voted least attractive, but I think the bigger travesty is the low ranking we got for shopping/home design and shopping/flea markets. Wha wha wha?? People obviously don’t know much about Philly!

  2. I live in Las Vegas and I couldn’t possibly agree more with the majority of its rankings, I can’t see how people want to live here for more than five years. Ive been to Charleston and I totally agree with its scores too.
    Now, the city I am wanting to move so bad to, Minneapolis, is rated high on most of the categories, yayyyy (except for weather, boooo). Thanks for this link!

  3. I wonder if Philly being voted least attractive has anything to do with like natural beauty compared to well everything else. As a stylist I walk around the city and think what happened to us in that category from hair to clothing it’s like so ugh. But I wouldn’t say the people are ugly just not as creative as I’ve seen in other cities.
    And I agree caroline, I commented to that on the T&L site, there is so much great shopping in this city and forget about it when it comes to restaurants. And I look at alot of the stores empty most of the time and think that’s another great store that’ll close due to the lack of foot traffic yet people always complain about what’s not here.
    History is what many come here for I’m sure so much is missed by visiting as an actual tourist (or rahter a set mindset of the city).

  4. I’m gonna be around Dallas, Texas for one and a half months, the ranking doesn’t seem good except for barbecue, how sad 🙁 Will be popping by Denver and Las Vegas too…wish i was going to San Francisco instead…Philadelphia is in the top 10 on each Cultural chart though, you guys should be glad abt that 🙂


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