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  1. Shubies are eco friendly because they are a fashionable and environmentally-friendly alternative to the plastic grocery bags. Most people tend to throw their shoes in a plastic bag when commuting or traveling. Now we can all ditch the plastic bags and upgrade fashionably and environmentally to a Shubi!
    The Shubi website is launching in November which will feature additional information.

  2. What a great idea. I’m always throwing my nice shoes in with all the other crap in my bag. Plus it will disguise my gross gym shoes when I head out for drinks after work. Awesome idea

  3. hmmm… very interesting.
    if my girl’s lucky i might just buy her a couple. are they for sale on the website?
    are there any for men also?

  4. I love Amy Butler fabrics! I go to and it costs about $8 a yard (but amy’s site has other places to purchase). I’ve made bookbags, pillows, an apron for my niece and countless other things. I would LOVE to see a post about all the cool things everyone has made from her collection.


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