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With the green factor being so important these days, there are so many
more great reusable bags now then ever. I absolutely love these bags
from Flip & Tumble
because they make it so easy to always have an extra bag with you. The
bag (with roomy shoulder strap!) folds into a convenient little ball.
Available on November 20th, they can be pre-ordered right here


  1. wow..this is nice…
    i started to use the reusable shopping bag since ikea started to charge for the bags, but they were just too bulky to carry around. this will definitely take care of that bulky factor!

  2. very similar in concept if not so much in style to the ACME workhorse shopping bags from i have two and use them all the time. super-strong and they roll up into a pouch just like the ones above. so easy to keep in a bag or purse so you never forget them when you go to the store.

  3. I adore fashion, but at times we forget about being ecofriendly it was a good idea for you to post these on your blog. Maybe I will suggest some eco friendly stuff on my blog


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