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  1. Oh yeah…they’re awesome! And the owner is a total peach! The shop is dreamy and there is love in them there cupcakes. Sadly, they’re a ways away from me but that may be a good thing…? If you do come to Seattle, Joy, it’s a must stop.

  2. oh!!!
    i’ve lived in seattle for the past ten or so years, but i still have not yet made it out there. i’m told their winner is their actual “cake” portion of the cupcake, while cupcake royale is known for their incredible frosting. depending on how much time you have in seattle, there’s definitely some other places i’d recommend visiting:
    lucca great finds: 5332 ballard ave nw, seattle
    collective furniture: 5323 ballard ave nw, seattle
    fremont outdoor market:
    there’s definitely more, but for some reason i’m blanking out right now. 🙂

  3. We were there yesterday! (It’s right next to a kids’ hairdressers, so a stop afterwards is de rigueur). And yes the cake-y bit is GREAT.
    Do you have any plans to come to Seattle?

  4. I second and third everyone’s comments: this place was great! And there’s an adorable movie theatre not far away that’s so old fashioned. Cupcakes and films make for a nice afternoon.

  5. trophy cupcakes are the best!
    the last two times i’ve been in seattle we stopped by and gorged on cupcakes.
    i like the coconut and the strawberry lemonade.

  6. My Hunny and I have been on a major cupcake craze. We’re from Seattle but we’ve tried cupcakes from other states, and we still vote Trophy Cupcakes #1 overall! Right now, a close second is Kara’s Cupcakes [] in San Francisco.


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