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urban outfitters artists series


Urban Outfitters has been doing some great collaborations with independent artists this year, and this new set of mugs has got to be one of my favorites. One huge reason…Julia Rothman, one of my favorite illustrators has contributed to the current mug series {see her mug & its packaging below on the top row}. Other artists this season {bottom row} include Ivy Hinkle, HMS Carousel, and many more…



  1. Hi!
    I always come here to visit, as always i have to comment to congratulate you on the wonderful picks, i really like these cups and my loved cup was broken by me accidentaly a while ago, its a pity they dont ship to my country.
    Much love
    PS: people keep visiting me from the link you posted long ago about my page, so thanks again for that, i have new items for christmas and will add a special section of sales this weekend, id love you to check it out.

  2. I have been needing a little inspiration lately and thought I would look up some illustrators. Weeding out the fabulous ones from the eh ones in google is pretty time consuming. Then I thought maybe I could find someone in your old posts. I didn’t have to look very far! Thanks.


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