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feeling tiny bits of nature today…


{left to right, top to bottom: dragonfly vase by karin eriksson, extrait d’olive olive shampoo & conditioner, petite hedgehog charm necklace, garden birdie scroll hook, cole & sons wallpaper, eclipse lamp, kate spade little compton mini clutch, squirrel waffle fabric from kitty-craft, and log boxes.}


  1. Wow! Those log boxes are amazing – especially how the wood grain is both the decoration, structure and texture all in one. I can just imagine (read: dream of) them atop my desk holding paper clips, inspirational notes, business cards, etc.

  2. Loved the hedgehog so much I tracked it down and etsy and bought it! Your blog is one of my must reads by the way. My friend I work with turned around one day to look at my computer and said “hey, I know Joy!”. Her name’s Roopa and apparently we all went to SU together. World gets smaller everyday.

  3. I have the of the wooden boxes. I got the XL b/c the woman told me it was the only one left and they weren’t reordering them. The reality was it is TINY, I couldn’t even fit a pill bottle in it and they are still on the site a yr later. it is gorgeous though but still frustrating….


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