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pouring through…



…my new Charley Harper book! I scored a great deal on this larger-than-life book, and was thrilled to start pouring through it when it came yesterday. Besides being the biggest and heaviest book I’ve ever seen, it’s seriously amazing. Hundreds of pieces of Harper’s work is chronicled in the book, arranged by date and by his various projects. There’s a great interview with Charley by Todd Oldham (the editor and co-author) as well as photos of Charley’s life and family.  A true collector’s item and inspiration.


  1. i’m so jealous over here. it’s good that you got a deal on it! have you seen the special edition versions in special colours and a corresponding poster?

  2. hey julie,
    i’ve seen the special editions online..oh my gosh, so beautiful. the book was expensive enough that the special edition must be for a serious fan!

  3. What a coincidence, I was looking at this today on UK Amazon, almost bought it, but then saw the price…sigh. It went on my wishlist. Reading your review I’ll mark it as a priority. 🙂

  4. mamacita,
    there was a coupon at barnes & right after the holidays for 40% any one book, and i am a member so i got an additional 20% off as well!

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  6. That’s most beautiful, I guess I put that on my wish list too… I saw some cups with some of his illustrations on it the other day, they were great too!

  7. I think the resurgent interest in Charley Harper is wonderful. He was a true conservationist before it was fashionable to be one and his love of creatures great and small is inspiring.

  8. I love this book! My boss was lucky enough to get a copy for christmas from one of our clients and its been hanging around the office since then. Because of that I’ve had the pleasure of flipping through it several times. I don’t even think my boss has even looked through it yet. If only he knew what he has. Charlie Harper has the most amazing works. I love how big the images are in this too!

  9. oh so excited for you! ours is on the way from amazon as a surprise for my sweetie to celebrate our 10th anniversary – I can’t wait to get it! enjoy!


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