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everything {including} the kitchen sink…



It’s always so fun to see my products out at stores (like my child out in the world)! Here’s a fun little photo from this weekend…my notebooks at the Philly Anthropologie in this super cute antique sink display and surrounded by some of my favorite bath pieces. Stay tuned for some new Nantaka Joy pieces coming in the next couple weeks…


  1. I love these notebooks! I will def. be purchasing some soon. Make me so inspired.
    Btw. Anthropologie did a good job of the display. They always do!

  2. Hi Joy – these little notebooks look like jewellery, so beautiful! I wish we had Anthropologie here in the UK, I was in Caravan (in London) the other day but couldn’t spot your stuff then. I need to go back soon! Looking forward to seeing the new pieces too…

  3. new nantaka joy? (hooray!) how exciting to see a display of your journals!
    speaking of spotting them… i picked up a copy of seattle magazine and saw a story about an event, one of your journals was being used as a guestbook! would you like me to find it again and send it your way? it was a beautiful spread.

  4. I saw your notebooks at Anthropologie in New York last week and got so excited for you!
    They weren’t displayed on a sink but they were in a treasure chest-like trunk and looked very posh. 😉

  5. This reminds me of a story from a few months ago . . . I was shopping in Anthropologie with my mom, saw your stuff, and shrieked “This is Joy’s!” And of course, my mom said “Who?”
    I guess that defines “regular reader” for you.


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