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WHO…designer, illustrator, and writer, Meg Mateo Ilasco of Mateo Ilasco 

ideas about organization and filing (although i’m a pretty messy person), primary colors, stripes, sculptural wire, texture, overlapping lines, and old school technology.

{images above, left to right, top to bottom: rock and indexed book from Filing, Marimekko Kulkue poster by Maija Louekari at CB2, vintage computer images from Core Memory, and "Unera" wire sculpture by Antonino Sciortino.}


  1. i’m sorry but i like that marimekko thing but a lotof people at first glance are offended by it because it is like one of those blackface images you the golliwog dolls…so I actually don’t think it is very cool in that respect….i wanted to get this pillow but my non design minded friends were shocked by this image…does anyone else see my point?


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