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  1. Cookie Baker Lynn rocks! And these flavors and textures are to die for. Perfect for these unseasonably warm days that are giving us a sweet preview of spring here in Seattle…

  2. Hi!I’ve checking your blog since long time ago but I never post a comment…Now it’s a perfect moment! 😉
    I would like to tell you that you have a beautiful, beautiful blog!I love it!

  3. oh my, both look and sound delicious! i like your description of bananas – they are rich and light at the same time. these may be decadent, but you can’t feel too guilty because bananas are still fruit, right? 😉

  4. How cool! The banana shake is from Cottage Living magazine. I was an intern there when that recipe ran. Combining food and business is a dream job. The Food Editor for Cottage Living has a new book; it’s called a Trail of Crumbs. Check it out for some more great recipes, and a great story.


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