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  1. I love these too – such a simple solution for a bathroom or french doors – or somewhere you want privacy but don’t want to use curtains.

  2. I just got some of this for my bathroom windows! I have a lovely big window right in my shower and these let the light through with beautiful effect.

  3. What a great find — I love these. You may have just inspired me to order some! They will definitely help with my classic apartment problem of blocking out my junky neighbors and not the sunlight…

  4. hi jeanette,
    they may not be available in the US yet since those are new, but the link i listed for US is 2jane, their US distributor, so you could email them to find out if they’ll be carrying the new styles soon.

  5. The designs are really calming! Kinda’ imagining when it rains, it seems very tempting to touch the window glass and play with it. Such a lovely time to savor peace of mind.


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