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I’ve been infatuated with little, random objects recently. So, I thought I’d share with you some of the objects I’ve collected over the past year and been putting around my home. Most of them sit on white wooden blocks on various walls in our house.

{left to right, top to bottom: Henry the Owl by Lauren Alane, wooden apple from Three Potato Four, print by  Elisabeth Dunker, ceramic bird from Curiosity Shoppe, vintage perfume bottle topper, wooden blocks from Three Potato Four,  bird toothpick holder from Doe, and log bowl from Loyal Loot.}


  1. You’ve got a great collection of randoms! I buy a lot of random goodness and some people never understand why I have it all. Who needs a reason? They’re just lovely and add great character to a room!

  2. he looks so cute joy! you can adjust his little glasses too if you want, since they are not glued on. they must have shifted in shipping. thanks for sharing these images–your objects are wonderful.

  3. How did you create that lovely dashed border in between your photos? I am new to the blog scene and still trying to learn how to trick out my posts . . . I love your style and definitely use it as inspiration for my 10 day old blog!

  4. I had never heard of the shop Three Potato Four, but I love it! How gorgeous, thank you. Also, I am planning my wedding and I adore your wedding blog. Thank you for that as well.

  5. Very interesting, the objects are amazing. But would you like to tell that how did you create the dotted lines in between. The metal rose is too remarkable.

  6. hi karen!
    the print is by elisabeth dunker (link to her blog is on the post) but they were limited edition and have sold out!

  7. Very cool, Joy! I love the wooden blocks by Three Potato Four. And the gallery-like way you display everything on white boxes really honors and draws attention to the objects. Mine tend to get lost among books and such.


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