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happy friday + bathing in sea of cupcakes…



Three words…OH-MY-GOODNESS. I could live, breathe, and sleep in a sea of mini cupcakes from Whiskie Bits in Oakland, California. I’ve never had them, but the photo makes me want to dive in head first. I seriously may have to move to Northern California for these cupcakes…or at least set up a cot right outside…yum. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I’m drooling too. I seriously just got finished posting about the cupcakes-for-dummies i just made, and these are WAY more super duper fabulous! I am getting in my car to drive 7 hours north. Thanks for posting this!

  2. bathing in a sea of cupcakes is probably just about as awesome as climbing a mountain of creme brulee. though i can imagine creme brulee mountains not being very stable 😛
    and OMG, it’s in oakland! i live close to oakland!!! not only that, i’ll be in oakland tomorrow!!! yay for cupcakes!

  3. holy cupcake!! yeh i think these cupcakes are killin me! i live in the east bay and can have them delivered… the thought of it is just crazy.. the minimum order is 6 – what if i eat them all…. i think id die and go to sweet heaven! yum


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