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  1. Oh they are so delicious! I took home a box of 6 from last week’s Brooklyn Flea and plan on doing the same this weekend. I wish they had a shop in my part of Brooklyn- I’d be there to pick up the peanut butter and honey cupcakes every day.

  2. I actually ordered there box of 24 mini cupcakes for valentine’s day and was dissapointed. The cupcakes were dry and became hard as a rock almost instantly. Maybe their regular size cupcakes are better but the little ones aren’t that great. They do look nice but don’t taste as good as they look.

  3. Hence the name, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I too am slightly obsessed with cupcakes. Sadly I’m all the way in California, but I will most certainly be checking out all that Kumquat has to offer online 🙂

  4. did u guys know kumquat in asian context means small tiny little oranges on trees grown in home maintained gardens? =)

  5. Just so you know – Kumquat Cupcakery posted a link to her friend Emily, who she is visiting right now.
    Emily supports the artist who starved a dog & photographed it dying as “art”. Go to the link Kumquat Cupcakery has posted for Emily & scroll down to see it for yourself.
    DISGUSTING. I will NEVER support someone who associates themselves with the torture of animals.

  6. Check out Kyotofu in hell’s kitchen. They make the best cupcakes in New York!!! Plus they have all sorts of other beautiful Japanese inspired desserts like sesame tofu, blueberry and blood orange tofu cheesecake, and the most amazing and unique strawberry shortcake.


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