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my task lamp obsession



You know how sometimes you get obsessed with one type of something that you just want really badly. For me, right now, it’s all about an articulated desk task lamp. It all started with a Thomas O’Brien for Target lamp made a few years ago that was featured in a recent issue of Domino Magazine. The lamp has been discontinued, and I can’t seem to find one anywhere. Ever since, my search for a long-armed task lamp continues…industrial, modern but not too modern…like it was used by architects in the 1950’s. Anyway, posting about things seems to soothe my current infatuation, so I share with you some of my favorites right now.

{left to right, top to bottom: the original discontinued Thomas O’Brien for Target lamp from Lili Diallo’s home in March of Domino, Roost Articulated Nickle Lamp, Thomas O’Brien Selecta Lamp, and the new Ilse Crawford Studio Ilse Lamp due out this Fall from May Domino.}


  1. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been battling the same obsession the past few weeks – I finally gave in and bought the Farja lamp from Ikea – Only $39.99!

  2. The Target/Thomas O’Brien lamp shown is a shot from the package and while discontinued is often on eBay. The shot isn’t from Domino but rather was shot by Martyn Thompson ( and styled by Jocelyn Beaudoin ( John Maloney from Target’s internal team art directed.

  3. This is too funny. I almost bought that lamp two years ago and then decided against it, only to be upset for my decision a month later after they were gone. Then about a year after that, I saw one in Lena Corwin’s apartment. I started searching on eBay and there is no way anyone who owns one will ever part with it, at least I’m assuming, because I can never find one. I keep waiting for Target to release something like it but nope. Currently I’m on the prowl for a vintage anglepoise lamp. I decided that if I can’t find the O’Brien then I’m going to have to hunt for something else.
    I feel your pain, Joy.
    Maybe we can bid on Lena’s – perhaps she’s getting sick of hers and we can beg her to put it on eBay so we can have at it? 🙂


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