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good morning america!



Yay! My notebooks were featured on a segment on Good Morning America this morning as part of selections from Grace at Design*Sponge and Domino on Eco-Friendly pieces and going green indoors. Click here and scroll down to "Going Green Indoors" to see the full piece. Thanks so much to Grace and GMA for the inclusion of Nantaka Joy!


  1. Omg! Congratulations! That’s a huge deal and your stuff is so beautiful that I’m sure this is going to be a big boost for your sales!

  2. congrads! Are you going to be at Stationery? I am walking the show and meeting with clients so I will have to stop by if you are there to say hello!
    Usually I show my designs at Surtex which is the same time but this year I decided not to do it so I am finally free to walk Stationery!


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